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    16 Craft Beers on Tap


    Perth “Last Duel” A light bodied, thirst quenching craft lager with a crisp, clean finish. Great for when you just  want in a beer! 4.5 % ABV

    Perth “Beach me up Scotty” This dry hopped lager is perfect for summer ! It pours a cloudy pinky red color (thanks to real beets in the brew) and presents a refreshing aroma followed by a thirst quenching finish.  4.8% ABV

    Perth Honey Lager We’ve infused a crisp, light lager with locally farmed honey to impart a distinct hint of sweetness. Light, sweet and refreshing – it’s the bees knees!


    Perth “CalypsoThis unfiltered West Coast Session IPA pours pale gold in colour and features subtle tropical aromas and flavours balanced with light malt body and refreshing finish.  4.8% ABV

    Santur New England well balanced IPA goes well with ANYTHING! 5% ABV

    Riverhead Tropical This we;; balanced IPA is layered with multiple hop additions to achieve the desired citrus and tropical fruit characteristics.  Bursting with flavour, this beer is bright, juicy and guaranteed to put a smile on your face! 6.            


    Perth “Easy Amber”  well-balanced copper coloured ale, our Easy Amber is just that – incredibly easy to enjoy. Its slightly sweet, malty finish and balance perfectly with old and new world hops. 5% ABV



    Skeleton Park “ Proper English Ale” A 150 year old recipe, this Earthy and slightly floral on the nose with notes of sauvignon blanc. A malty biscuit and pie crust body. Hints of hazelnut and caramel woth a crisp, dry finish. 5% ABV


    Spearhead Sam Roberts In concert with Sam Roberts Band, this rockin’ blend of English and American ale has characteristics that harks back to the great English pub ales. It features distinct notes of caramel, subtle undertones of biscuit and a dry, zesty finish that strikes a refreshing chord. Brewed with four types of malts and three types of hops, it’s unfiltered with a complex flavour and aroma. 4.5% ABV


    Calabogie This Nitro Milk Stout pours a beautiful chocolate colour cascade; leaving behind a thick ice cream mocha head. The nose is brown sugar, vanilla beans, chocolate, and espresso coffee. Big bodied silky mouth feel leaves way to the rich chocolaty, and slightly roasty flavours with a fleeting sweet finish.  5.5% ABV


    Clafeld Golden in colour this cider offers enchanting aromas of fresh apple, with hints of a sweeter baked apple. The aromas carry to the palate in this dry cider, perfectly balanced and carbonated. 6.5% ABV

    Guest Cider! Ask Your Server


    Aston Brewing Company This brew is our most popular seasonal beer. A subtle blueberry aroma and flavour lend themselves perfectly to this easy drinking summer sensation 5.2 % ABV

    Perth Summer Squeeze Thirst quenching citrus wheat brewed with fresh orange, lemon and lime.  5.1 % ABV

    Muskoka Summerwiess (pronounced “summer vice”) is a German style wheat beer crafted with visions of summer in mind. Naturally hazy by design, the perfect balance of wheat, barley and subtle hopping makes this an intriguingly aromatic, flavourful, and sessionable summer wheat beer.  5.3% ABV

    Muskoka Moonlight Kettle We love consistently developing new beers for our drinkers – and for ourselves. That’s why we developed our Moonlight Kettle Series – one of the first beer programs of its kind. Each month we release a new beer developed entirely by a trio of Muskoka Brewery staff. We pair one of our expert Brewers with two employees from any department, and together, they choose a unique beer style and name. Brewed exclusively by each brew team, we’re excited to bring these never-before-released creations from our family to yours. For those looking to venture off the beaten path, this Series is for you.  6.5% ABV